Enter the Rising Sun (Japan Story & Lessons) with Gary Huang

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I’m excited to have our guest, Gary Huang, back on the show. In one of our previous episodes, Gary shared valuable insights on 7-figure sellers, but today we’re going to dive into his journey to Japan and his pandemic story. As a cross-border business person, Gary has an interesting tale of how he ended up in Japan during the pandemic.

We’ll also be discussing the current market and economy in Japan, as well as the opportunities for Amazon Japan. We’ll explore the biggest obstacles that sellers face when entering the Japanese market. So let’s jump into the conversation and learn more about Japan and the exciting opportunities it presents for businesses.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Gary Huang

    Great to have you back on the show. You were sharing a nice one here https://www.globalfromasia.com/7-figure-sellers/ with us in the past.

  • Getting to Japan & Your Pandemic Story

    All of us cross border business people have crazy covid stories, and yours is quite crazy. Can you share a bit about how you ended up in Japan all these years?

  • What You’re Finding In the Japan Market and Economy

    What are some insights you’re seeing being there these years, for both ecommerce sellers and business traders in general.

  • The Opportunity for Amazon Japan

    We had a great interview with Nick Katz a few years back on Amazon Japan https://www.globalfromasia.com/amazon-japan/ and I know you’re good friends with Nick, awesome guy – but can you give us insights now – in 2023 – on what opportunity you see for Amazon Japan for sellers?

  • Biggest Obstacles for Entering the Japanese Market

    What are the barriers or perceived barriers that sellers have when going to this market of the “rising sun”?

  • You’re organizing a conference there, very cool!

    Can you share about the Amazon Japan conference you’re putting together?

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Amazon Japan: What It Takes (Plus Bonus Sales Channels) with Nick Katz
Gary’s VIP Experts Page
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Episode Length 36:21

Thanks a lot Gary for sharing some awesome insights. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us information with great value.

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Episode three hundred and ninety three of Global From Asia. Rising sun. Talking about Japan, things that happened during COVID and some great opportunities for those looking to enter the market. Let’s do this. Welcome to the Global From Asia podcast where the daunting process of running an international business is broken down into straight up actionable advice. And now, your host, Michael Michelini. Alright, everybody. Thank you so much for watching or listening.


I don’t think you’re watching as much as you’re listening, but I got a nice little background here in my live, in my little creative space. Doubling down like never before with content creation, business, like trying to not burn out. But we are making things. There’s just so much happening. So much happening. I feel like the world’s unfreezing. China’s reopened. We’re gonna do Canton Fair tour in April, phase two, twenty third to the twenty seventh. Join our newsletter to be more informed. We just sent out a newsletter about it. But that’s that’s that’s later. That’s later.


Today’s show, we are talking about Japan. Gary Huang, seven figure sellers summit, eighty twenty sourcing, friend of mine. He’s in Shanghai for quite a long time. And got into Japan during COVID and spent a lot of time there, decided to relooking his his whole family, his wife, his child, and everyone, and he’s making a lot of things happen there. It’s been fascinating conversation about his story, Japan, the opportunity, and an amazing conference that he’s organizing coming up right in April. So it’s one good opportunity for you to consider in this hidden market in the rising sun, globalfromasia.com/risingsun for show notes, links, videos, transcripts, whatever.


Let’s tune into the show. And then after, I did a little bit of blah blah blah blah, about some thoughts. Alright? Let’s tune into Gary. Are you looking for a cross border logistics company from Asia to the east and the west? Then look no further. Cross Better Logistics is a solution for you. From ocean shipping to air freight, from factory to 3PL warehouse, Amazon FBA, and Walmart. Cross Better Logistics is an experienced service provider for e commerce sellers and B2B traders on TPS trade. As a GFA partner level sponsor, let them know we sent you and they’ll take care of you. Check them out at www.crossbetter.com today.


Alright. We’re here at the other global media podcast. Friend of mine, previous guest, Gary Huang. It’s great to have you today Gary, how are you doing? I’m doing great. It’s great to to be on here with you about, like, a time where you might help me work in Bangkok and I’m in Japan. So the world is doing very quickly, but yeah. It’s pretty nice to be honest. Yeah. It’s you know, we’ve been keeping a touch know, we got to meet finally again in Bangkok. But, yeah, it’s been a crazy few years. We’ll talk about a little bit your your experiences these years and also some insights about Japan.


So, yeah, I know you from you know, you do quite you do you know, like me, I think we do a lot of things. You’re a seller. You have your eighty twenty source seeing, and you also do the seven figure seller summit, which has done really well over the years. I’ve shared that in the past. So you’re yeah. You’ve been through quite quite a bit. Right?


I mean, maybe we just start off with start off with that. Like, do you wanna I mean, I think where do we where do we start? Or or did I get everything of your intro? I mean, you’re there’s really some cool stuff going up. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I think you you covered a lot and it’s the pandemic. You know, I know Mike, your family had been moving around Yeah. We we both have you on the boundary. We have that commonality for ecommerce entrepreneur down the down seller that you do events as as well. I think we have a lot of English accent. That that’s why I enjoy talking to you because it’s, like, you know, bothers, hood, entrepreneurship, and I’m talking about that we have to look like interaction. So I guess, like, where should we start, like, during the pandemic, like, the low digit Yeah.


I think we’re I think No. I mean, I’m feeling like I think a lot of people know you is in Shanghai. Right? You did meet ups there and, you know, you were there for quite some time. And — Yeah. — and then I think I can’t even recall myself, so I’m almost curious. But I feel like around that was did you leave because of the pandemic, or was it just happen to be Okay. I’ll I’ll just give the yeah. They quick. Right. Overview.


So I’m from LA originally. I was born and raised in, you know, San Luis went to school there. I moved out to Shanghai in two thousand eight. So I stayed in Shanghaj for eleven year. I met my wife there. My son was born there. So we looked there all the way up until twenty nineteen. So I still remember at that time, my son was one year old. He was around November Thanksgiving. I was freezing cold in Shanghai. My wife and I discuss it. But, like, you wanna go somewhere warm. You wanna get away from cold. This is all before COVID. Yeah. We didn’t know what was gonna happen.


So, again, you know, serendipitously or whatever you wanna call it, be, like, kind of with two cases with with, you know, we finally travel for a couple of months in Southeast Asia. So we went to Thailand, and then we went to Vietnam. And then COVID hit, I I just heard the tail end of our trip. In January. And we’re prepared to come back to China. And then, you know, my wife had trained grad for, and they only had to be used to Japan. So we’re, like, okay. Let’s let’s just extend our typical to Japan because she has a visa and so we just decide on Okinawa because we’re transiting to Hong Kong, like, short life like, one year old at a time.


We didn’t wanna go to that far, but we didn’t wanna do, like, you know, chances to date, like, or apply it back to the date. So, like, oh, okay. Let’s just do it. Okay. Now what? So, I mean, long story short, we ended up getting in the past two and a half years because, you know, I still can’t go back to China. So we can’t get, like, the right people. And so we couldn’t go back to China. Be ended up being in Japan on the tour with the either legally. We we were not, like, illegal. The Japanese immigration was very accommodating for three months. I think they knew us by by, like, the second six months that we were there. Every three months, we go back and renew our visas. And, you know, these questions couldn’t go back to China to get COVID. So Basically, we live in, like, in Okinawa and two and a half year because of COVID. Yeah. We’re very fortunate, you know, with the government really accommodating and so it’s great weather down there.


People call it the Hawaii of Japan, a lot of — True. — nice beaches, food diving, Like, I know you’ve been talking about Yeah. I’ve been there. Yes. Currently, my only job Japanese experience, I was it was a startup weekend like, Asia summit or something for different organizers when I was doing startup weekend? I I just remember it. Yeah. It makes sense. I’ve been to Hawaii too, so I would agree. It does it is like the Hawaii of Japan or Asia. You know, it’s like, Yeah. I I saw a lot of golf at golf courses and, like, amazing beaches, you know — Yeah. — resorts. It’s it’s and they were the was, like, Hawaiian tropical as well. They have their own opinion, I’ll have been on it. So Oh, really? The workers there. Yeah.


It’s, like, totally antisense appeal and Tokyo everyone June. I and I’ve been looking a lot. Like, I think, officially, it’s bringing until autumn. Everyone’s worried, like, fourth week, like, how I insert They call it, they call it, like, they kinda have, like, a Japanese opinion on it, like, with on it with the the symbolism, which is which is kinda cool. But, yeah, a lot of it. The similarity to the the whole idea. So, yeah, we were there until October of last year. And then, finally, Japan was opening up and they they finally decided not to renew our Visa. Like, you have to find a way to go home, you know, or I didn’t know where home was anymore. So yeah.


We still wanted to to live in Japan because we really enjoy the culture here, here, and there’s opportunity here as well. Because while I was here, in Japan, I started selling on Amazon Japan because I noticed that, you know, even when we really made Okanawa, you know, people were getting Amazon deliveries everywhere. Right? And then Amazon is the biggest, you know, online platform that Japan pay over two o’clock, we can still agree. Yeah. Like, everything. Yeah. You can see get everything on it. That’s fine. Like, I’m moving to a new apartment next week and I asked the the realtor. Like, hey. Where do I go for? Like, no furniture? Through the data and stuff. It’s like going Amazon, it’s fast, you know, food delivery, you know, they like, sharing Tokyo’s holiday in the same day for delivery. So you can get, like, ultimately, we can get, like, electronic about, like, a power bank, you know, it’s duplicating it. So yeah. That that So so, yeah, October last year, we decided to go to Thailand just because of these issues.


And then with our goal, of coming back to Japan because I of starting a new company in Japan, so that will enable us to stay long term on the business manager view. Go. We went to Thailand, which is one of you know, we went to political back to Thailand. Yeah. We twenty nineteen. Yeah. And then, you know, we that we met up, you know. I’ve been I met up in person in in Bangkok, kind of, to to do that. We’re very fortunate that we weren’t able again, Japan being concerned, you know, while we were in Thailand, like, the embassy to get it done. So I’m not quite sure he had moved to Tokyo about a month ago.


And, yeah, we’re recognizing the first ever Amazon conference in Japan. Nobody nobody’s ever done before. I thought before, like, people have done any chapter in this question about and nobody has done, like, a full line. Amazon seller focused offering even in Japanese. So we’re gonna do this in English, in April, typical fourth and fifth, think it’s gonna be great to help someone going to they’re not done on the back of your hand, which not very many people are talking about. Right. Yeah. For sure, man. I mean, it’s really I didn’t know what they overtook, but I can’t remember how to speak that Rocco took in talking I thought, yeah, Rakuten Rakuten.










Rakuten. Yeah. They were the biggest player by Amazon. They were taking you see, like, the Amazon Prime, like, to the blue guys, just, like, weather around for, like, Tokyo. Interesting. Kinda like the US, and they have, like, Amazon Fresh, like, the grocery equivalent as well. And — Yeah. — I know that you can get everything. On Amazon, a lot of potential, and then yeah. So and and I I was talking to Amazon as well. We were we were in contact with Amazon. Okay. And Tokyo office is what they do about their games. Amazon, actually, they they reviewed our event. They picked our guy, they looked at people and They said that they wanna get involved. So Amazon is actually sending someone from Seattle. They’ve been applied them in from Seattle to Tokyo.


Inable to speak to you share some of that factors about Japan, how to really scale up your business, how to build your brand, also on the advertising side as well. Very excited about the app. But the opportunity Yeah. I know. It’s been I’ve been a way, like you said, we you’ve been working on it for a while, and we’ve been chatting about it, and I didn’t know it was the only first one ever even in Japanese So it definitely seems I I thought — Yeah. — I I thought that they had, like, Japanese event frequency, but apparently, it was either, like, an event like Amazon did just, you know, on-site, only with Amazon presenters, or it would be like a service provider and then they would only have their own you know, one company is presenting, but there has never been, like, a full fledged conference that until, you know, sellers, like, we have an eight figure seller presenting.


Bernie Thompson, you’ve been selling on Amazon Japan for ten years, and you have seven figure seller, Nick Cat, who I believe you know it, well, because he’s he’s generating north of yeah. And he’s he’s been selling. He’s been in Japan for thirty years. He’s, like, might go to guy any question about Japan whether it’s business or just like life or even where to get like a like a cheap food, like, so I can blend into the Japanese business culture. I mean, I asked the like, the Japan guy. Yeah. Yeah. I mean yeah. But, yeah, this is, like, the first ever, you know, full place Amazon Conference that anyone that we’ve done. So literally, we’re, like, the person who were to do that. That’s right. So so Yeah. Yep. It’s really exciting. It’s really exciting. So, yeah, back.


We’ll we’ll definitely, you know, dive into this more, but I’m I’m also wanna talk about the the story a bit or you’re, you know, like, you’re you’re seeing Amazon everywhere. I mean, this is twenty twenty. I mean, has it so was it’s something you saw kinda growder. Is it something with this Amazon on growth during pandemic, you think, or before? I mean, I’m even curious. Yes. Well, I mean, just to be transparent, I believe like, lived into parents since the pandemic. So I currently comment, you know, to speak for the pandemic. But during the pandemic, there was a city of the virgin street. So, you know, going outside, you know, retail shopping in person shopping that was discouraged. So, you know, many people just in the door that they can shopping online. So Amazon basically has that booth. And I thought Japan did get a booth, but as the rest of the world grows. But now even though your parents open, you know, I’m bidding in a, like, co working traffic right now, pretty busy.


And, you know, people are still using Amazon. I mean, I think there’s a perfect example. It’s like that real estate agent. It’s like, yeah, I can see how to find a new apartment. And, you know, it apartment in Japan are non furniture. It’s literally just two air conditioning units and a bare floor, you know. And so he he’s like, one AMazon done Delivery. And, yeah, I think there’s huge potential and there isn’t I mean, I I don’t know if you want me to comment more on home. That Amazon side or, like I mean, I kinda you know, I guess — Yeah.


— you’re saying during the pandemic I mean, I guess the whole world was buying online. I mean, I think the whole search commerce, but I I I know you don’t know before pandemic there, but I’m just I mean, yeah, I mean, how was it, you know, I think it’s just what you’ve seen in the last few years in Japan even, you know, even during pandemic till now. I mean, think there were the last ones to one of the last countries to even open up. Right? Yeah. Yes. But they didn’t open it until November of twenty two. They were one of the last ones. And so I think they’re pretty conservative. And they have, like, restrictions. Against, like, Chinese sensitive topic. But I I think most of those restrictions have gone away. But, yeah, things in Japan, they can tell me they they’ll move as quickly as some other pieces of word is more I get conservative for the people or take more time. Yeah. Stuff dimension. It’s it’s, like, probably the opposite mentality of, like, a dialer in the north. Like, a chime. Got it. Yeah. So so, yeah, I mean, I think that’s the main point of the economy and So, you know, I guess, the next point which we’ve kinda chatted about the opportunity for Amazon Japan.


So, like, yeah, we mentioned Nick Nick was on the show a few years ago, I think, right at beginning of a pandemic maybe or before before it. And I I I didn’t list I haven’t reviewed it again, but I swore when we talked I talked to him. It wasn’t a number one. I remember him was talking about even the other two or three. I remember him saying, like, the other two are bigger. But still Amazon, Japan is big enough to make your market.


So if you know Amazon, Japan I remember him saying something like this on this on this podcast before. At that time. He’s like, yeah, it might not be the biggest, but, you know, you know it already. It’s already you already know it in the US or your other markets. And it’s still big enough in Japan even as a second or a third, but now it’s the first, so it’s even a little bit of a different different perspective because it’s the first. But, you know, even kinda getting, you know, me excited in this talk But by being the biggest now so you’re of course, I know you have your event I know you’ve been there a few years, so you probably have a bias to it, but can you give us the pitch for the opportunity for a current seller in the US or Europe? Or No. Because that’s going.


I mean, there’s I think the number one thing is the the lack of competition because even though Japan or it’s Amazon number four biggest market place, not many sellers are considering it, and not many people are even thinking about. Right? I mean, it’s not like a hot topic, which is kind of ridiculous to me because it’s a poor ticket marketplace. And at the same time, the level of competitors, there’s actually few words inside of it falling into can than in even if you compare it to, like, either for the brand. Like, those markets are much tinier, they’re different, but they’re fewer sellers. So they’re very complicated.


I think probably the biggest advantage for if you’re an existing seller, selling in US or selling in EU is you can move your listing from your effort and you click a review to Jupyter. So you did zero self testing. Depend. You can have the same number of, like, if you have two thousand reviews, the way you have it, within two hundred reviews, you can instantly get the same number of reviews and talk to them again. So if hand has a lower immune threshold compared to US and EU. So, instantly, you’ll have that social proof. And then that can help you with even zero failed to three hundred points, that can help you get a hit star, and that can help you and and another reason to send Japan is lower PTC cost. Both saying PTC will be lower for the same products versus US or So I think there’s a number of advantages, yeah, to sell into into Japan.


Got it. You know, I think maybe give us a little other side of the coin. I mean, the obstacles, the, you know, a little bit of the things you have to overcome for me, I’ll just be honest, Mike, I think it’s kind of kind of the bias. People feel like Japan is more of a closed market, just my own I don’t have any data or proof, but I just feel like it doesn’t feel like it’s open of a market generally. Yeah. I think one of the biggest challenges, I mean, besides language and coaching, of course. Like, I mean, you can overcome that because, I mean, to be honest, even though I’ve lived here for two and a half years, I still don’t really speak Japanese then I’m kind of ashamed of that. But I mean, if you don’t need to know Japanese it’s down the market.


Then for have the full English interface and bunch of competitors. So and if you, you know, hire a VA or a Japanese VA or this thing. They can help you with all the customer service side, and there’s also agencies that can help you with localizing your listing beyond translation, images, and all of those details. So there are there’s always a way around it. I mean, I looked at it this way. Right? There’s, like, the challenge here. But if you’re able to overcome the challenges, this is, like, a barrier to entry against your competition. Right? Because most people will not be willing to that that’s a compelling effort. So Yeah. So they’ll be outside the boat. So you guys you will have the boat, you know, to protect you against your competition. But, yeah, definitely, there’s difference that they’re challenging.


I think number one biggest thing, if you import into Japan, you can’t just use your US LFT. You can use, like, you know, many or other countries to to legally, you know, important to Japan. You need a a company with a Japanese address or like a a person with a Japanese address. So you will need something called an importer of records. So you can’t have the URL of the meeting report of record. You have to be someone with a deafening tag. But there’s companies out there like import of record companies that work with seller, they can act at your import of records to to get around that. So I think that one big challenge that our sellers will pay The other is Japan has their own set of compliance and testing laws and regulation.


Mhmm. I don’t mean for Amazon, Japan, but Japanese owned, like, customs law. So for example — Mhmm. — and, yeah, importing. Right? So anything that touches crude you know, whether it’s whether it’s actual like a supplement or even like a cup, you know, you have to have, like, make sure that it’s compliant, it’s tested using Japan’s own they have these appointed laboratories, but you can’t just hire any, like, you know, SGN you know, anywhere in the world. It has to be, like, one particular laboratory or their appointed laboratory. So that but those are some of the challenges. You know, there’s also some misconception. You don’t need a Japanese company to operate business in Japan. You don’t need to register for a company. And there’s also another bit. You don’t need back registration, like, GST to sell in Japan. There are certain threats for it, but it will be easier than probably. In dealing with that, you know, all the additional layers of bureaucracy. But, yeah, I think those would be some of the biggest challenges that challenge could create. Okay.


And this has been fun. So when we start talking about your conference, you mentioned at the beginning, the 7figuresellerjapanmastermind.com. It’s you said April fourth and fifth two days. I think there’s also some fun stuff before and and other activities, but the core events, the two full day event. As you said, like, what I just learned in this call is the first official Amazon content, even English or Japanese about Japan and Japan. So that’s really really cool.


Yeah. It’s not official. Let let’s Oh, sorry. I shouldn’t I shouldn’t have to ask. Yeah. Yeah. It’s not gonna Like Yeah. Like, you’re not official. But it doesn’t have a lot. Amazon focused event. Yeah. Amazon focused event. Thanks for correcting me. Yes. Yeah.


So what are what I see I the site we’ll link the site up on the show notes. I’m looking at it as we as we talk. Yeah. There’s great like you said, Nick Katz would be there. I’m also seeing some other good information you know, like Rob Stanley and others. So so the format is like, yeah. Because it’s because it’s, you know, got a really good niche focus What what’s somebody like, what kind of people should come? Do you think? Are the better people to come? Yeah. Yeah.


So if you’re already selling your products in the US or EU? And to, like, say, you want, you know, you’re growing, you’re scaling, you wanna take it to the next level. If you wanna expand it overseas, I think Japan is a great market. For ticket marketing. And again, you could quickly carry over your review. Right? So you’re not starting from scratch.


And know, we’ve had a number of case studies, that’s why you’re selling the traditional three hundred thousand dollars if they’re up to nine hundred and sixty thousand dollars a year in Japan. This can be done. And I think the the key is, though it’s gonna be a two day in person event. We’re gonna keep it pretty intimate about fifty to a hundred sellers. But that way, you’ll have cleaning up opportunities to interact with other sellers with, you know, the service provider. So, you know, we were talking about importer of record there will be at least one, maybe two importer of records there where they can answer all your questions about importing products about the compliance testing, about localizing or fifteen, you know, we’ll have these experts as well, about PPC, about Japan, marketing strategy, you know, they’re mainly marketing apps in Japan and the Facebook doesn’t work very well in Japan because definitely people don’t use Facebook. But they’re main of Japanese marketing, social media content as well.


So literally, I think the the biggest takeaway is not only, you know, learning how to sell in Japan, but all of it. Building these content. Right? Because, you know, I don’t know about you guys, but I haven’t been able to find out information anywhere from Japan to online. So basically, everyone’s gonna be there. And also Amazon’s but we’re gonna have someone from Amazon live and someone from Amazon Japan. So you’ll be able to ask questions directly to Amazon, and you’ll be able to build possibly a relationship with Amazon because they’re going I’m pushing them to offer some advantage to the people that come to this event.


Yeah. Okay. So I’m kinda like twisting their arm and, like, fighting for you like, boss. I want you guys, like, the first movers. I want you guys to have every advantage you can get. Right? So you’ll be able to get FaceTime with Amazon.


You know, in the two days, we’re also gonna have breakout of small group mastermind session in the afternoon. So we’re gonna take everything you learn in the morning. And then we’re gonna turn around who, you know, you guys will be able to share about your business right now, like, hey, you know, maybe with this product. I’m not sure about Japan. What should I do? You know, I have a question about importing. Right? Maybe a hot key format.


So, I mean, there’s there’s I mean, if Mike, you probably been in a massive month. Right? They’re kind of like, sure, man. Some, like, vulnerability. Right? You gotta care about, you know, not just your success, but know, what’s going on with your business, the right way you can get some real feedback from other sellers. So, I mean, there’s a degree of, like, serendipity to it. Right? Because we don’t know which group you’ll be in, but I always feel that when you get together with other sellers, like minded sellers, and speakers, you know, you’ll get a lot, you know, so much more value that that if you’re trying to do the right stuff. Right? I mean, customer coming out of the whole pandemic.


And I think, you know, now at the time to kind of, you know, regroup, we we, like, kind of, pivot your your business in twenty twenty. So I think those those are the main things for my peers to do. And also, you know, as you mentioned, we got some, like, fun stuff then as well. I think you wanna hear more about that. Like, because it is Japan. Japan is, like, you know, one of the blue places in the world, you know, not just like the food, but, like, it’s different, like, little flow things going on at this time as well. So I don’t know if you if you wanna know, like Yeah. There is a cherry blossom time. Right? Is that what it’s called? Yeah. So, like, you know, Japan, I think it looked like the number one, both wanted to be, like, busy day destination during the time that night. So now it’s just portfolio open.


And one of the most popular times that you’re in Japan in doing the cherry blossom or the sakura. So this is one of the reasons I designed the event to be in April because the cherry blossom is working in both there. So it’s a beautiful calendar to be there. But not only that. So after day one, April four, like, in the evening, we’re gonna do a networking event in the park — Uh-huh. — to your major park. Under the cherry blossom tree. And then this is actually like a Japanese cultural thing that some people don’t know about. Like during the cherry blossom season, like the salaried man and the salaried woman half would work. They actually pulled down to, like, the park. They laid down a picnic spread with, you know, sake, beer, bento sushi boxes and stuff they drink the night anyway. You know, so we’re gonna deliver that in flavor. They’ll give you guys a taste of that that you can only get into task and we’re up to go.


No. I think that’s, you know, midway through the network with other bigger other sponsors as well. So that’s something that we’re gonna do what they want. And then be the day before we start the pre events, the registration on April third. We’re also gonna have a reception, kind of like a little they’ll keep Japanese bar/restaurant, like, in, like, higher restaurants, but we’ll have a big little drinks.


But you know, so it’s another great chance to get to know the other sellers, get to know the other speakers, because I you know, you know, like, I I’ve been to a number of events and find most times I learn more just, like, talking to other people, like, not necessarily in the conference room, but maybe over, like, the lunch table or maybe, like, over over a year or something. So I think I’m trying to I’m trying to, like, create the right environment. No. No. People put a good balance of, you know, learning, also, like, networking, you know, building relationships. Because I I think that’s that’s key, you know, for your for business success. Sounds really yeah.


I definitely put a lot of thought in it with the timing. You know, we haven’t even chatted when you’re in Bangkok. I know you’ve been really preparing for this. I think you also put together a little a little bonus for some of the listeners. I think a certain amount of first come firat serve maybe we should we share it in the notes or just I could just link it. I could just put it on the show notes maybe. But I think we got a little Yeah.


I mean, I also, you know, I wanted to help out with the Glibal form Asia community. I know that, you know, Mike has a lot of work into his podcast and he’s the super busy man, but I I just wanted to offer a little incentive. So if you guys are interested, we’re offering four hundred dollars off their ticket. So this way I mean, it’s two full days of, you know, at the conference in the back of mind and the meal, the lunch will be con included on making sure, like, it will be, like, a delicious — Mhmm. — the food is gonna be awesome. And so you guys do get four hundred dollars off. Coupon code. GFA Japan. G f a j a p a n. Oh, yeah. Just but that’s only for the firsrt ten. So I I mean, I can’t we offer that to everybody because, you know, obviously, we have our own expensive, you know, in Japan. But, yeah, just hopefully that helps some people that might be interested in in joining us. It’s great. No. Definitely it’s appreciated to help please help some of our listeners and viewers out. So alright. I mean, I know yeah. Like you said, we’re both making things happen, super busy. I’m really happy to see you pushing ahead with this event. I know it’s a lot a lot of things to do, but it looks jam pack of value. So alright, Gary. I think I think that’s all for today.


Is there any last things you wanna add? I think, you know, some of the frequently asked questions about Japan. Yeah. That’s good for people that might be on the pet. Number one, can you need a visa for Japan? If you’re coming from the US or if you’re coming from European country, I think there’s about, like, eighty countries back in. Only to can be visa three. So you probably don’t use a Visa, but it definitely check. And the other thing is a lot of people think that Japan is super expensive, but actually the Japanese again is very weak right now, I guess, the US dollar. I think last year, it was at about a thirty year low. The exchange rate was a thirty year low. So it’s actually some people might be pleasantly surprised if there’s the inflation that you’re seeing in the US and a lot of other parts of the world. It might be affordable to come to Japan right now with the weak yen. So just a couple of things to keep them right.


Going forward, And, yeah, I think other than that, I I think, you know, again, it’s a it’s a great opportunity. And Yeah. Let’s let’s say, if it’s brand new. You know, people are trying to do it. Yeah. Right? So I’m looking forward to it. Like, it really sounds good.


Thanks so much, Gary, for coming on again. Are you gonna join us by the way, Mike? Are you gonna come to Tokyo this time around? I I wanna I wanna make it a I’m gonna I’m maybe by the time I show comes online, I’ll confirm with the family. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. I really wanna come. And you should come. You can come. Okay. A great time. Love to have you. I know. I I have like I said, it’s only been Okinawa, so it’s not it’s kinda like like you said, it’s a lot different than Tokyo, so it seems like a great chance. It’s gonna be it’s gonna be awesome. Awesome, buddy. Okay. Alright. Well, thanks — Right. — well, thanks so much for having me. Bye. It’s been a pleasure. Thanks, man. Really been great.


And thank you to our sponsor. Our returning sponsor Mercury dot com online bank. Well, it’s a real bank, but you can do a totally online for US. Our Blimp program participants are going through this as well. Thank you. Mercury Travis is great there. It’s been on our goes been in our events. We’re gonna have another event where we will have them attending as well. And if you wanna get a little bonus for you and us, if you sign up and do some special circumstances. You can go to globalfromasia.com/mercury.


I also have a video tutorial that we use even for the blind people who use the same exact video to learn how to use it. Hope. You can check it out. Totally free. Why not see you there? Thanks, Gary, for sharing.


I Cast on Insights. Honestly, you know, like I mentioned, I had we had Nick Cass on a show a few years ago, a couple years ago. And Willy can also show notes if you wanna dive into that one. And I don’t recall it being discussed as the biggest market in in Japan of Amazon. I think that’s a new or update. And it gives you even another reason to enter this market. You know, I think a lot of people feel like there’s big barriers and and more complexities and a lot of people talk about Europe, you know, you were talking about Europe with with Nick before just a few shows ago. And maybe you should look at Japan. And this is an interesting opportunity, of course, head out to to meet Gary and the other amazing people there at the event. And Amazon will be there and a lot of things will be happening. So definitely check out his offer and we got a discount as always for our community here and listeners of GFA. And I just am excited about what the world is going into.


So now on my blah blah blah session, you know, China’s been reopening or planning a canton fair trip there. And we are doing lots of stuff. I’m trying to hold on. You know, I’m I’m also getting to know Amazon pretty well, at least. Like Gary’s mentioned, in Singapore, in Vietnam, in Thailand. We’re doing our meetup on February twenty fifth. Just a few days after the show goes online. It’s already planned. And what next week’s show or the next show will be the recording from the first meet up here in Chiang Mai.


And there’s just I just feel like everybody’s into this networking. Right? Gary’s got his Japan event. There’s, you know, Kent on Fair. There’s these meetups. There’s workshop I got cross border summit coming in November here in Chiang Mai. It’s a good time to come out. So much happening. I just feel like it’s pent up energy from years of being locked down. So I think I’ll keep it at a wrap at this point Thanks for listening and watching and sharing and liking and feedback.


I haven’t even checked. We got reviews on these platforms. But so much more in store. Thanks for listening. Have a great day. Keep taking action. Even every day, just even a small little action. It it snowballs. I feel like that’s how it is here at Global from Asia and the community and people I talk to. You just keep chipping away. And one day, there’s gonna be breakthroughs. Some days are gonna be a little bit harder. Honestly, I’m a little bit exhausted right now. It’s been grinding, like, nonstop. So if we get these breakthroughs and we sometimes gotta take a little bit of breather one day and just get some things done. We’ll get a haircut later and just make it happen. So globalfromasia.com/risingsun from the show notes. Take care. Bye bye. To get more info while running an international business, please visit our website at www.globalfromasia.com. That’s triple w dot global from Asia dot com. Also, be sure to subscribe to our iTunes feed. Thanks for tuning in.

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