How to Triple your Ecommerce Sales By Going International with Tommaso Tamburnotti

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Here at Global From Asia we talk a lot about Amazon FBA when it comes to e-commerce – because it has literally taken over the market the last few years. But we try our best to also recommend to take action on diversifying. Sure, other Amazon marketplaces in international markets are one – or – a completely new channel.

And that is what we are talking about today – how to triple your sales by looking to international markets. We have a co-founder from Easy Ship on, Tommaso Tamburnotti and he shares some unique insights about international markets you may have never considered – with actionable advice on what you can do to go global – from Asia! Very fitting for our podcast name – we have a Hong Kong ecommerce company here giving you tips about selling globally! Now let’s tune in

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Introduce Tommaso Tamburnotti

    How he got into the business and his background

  • What “most ecommerce sellers” are doing now

    What is the current model, the pre-triple of worldwide sales, nowadays?

  • I’m sure people are excited about the title of the show - tripling sales

    But with great power, comes great responsibility – as they say – what are some of the investments one must do?

  • Adjustments

    Similar to investments – what changes in their business model and logistics style.

  • Technology updates

    And there must be some IT changes, right? Any recommendations on what kind of upgrades one should make – shopping carts, integrations, servers – locations?

  • Live Example - Amazon FBA sellers in USA

    As we all know Amazon is eating the world. And a lot of listeners are Amazon FBA sellers – how can they adjust to this worldwide sales and triple their sales.

  • Timeframe this will take

    How long will this take?

  • Which international markets are easier?

    English speaking markets international

  • Different options for shipping globally

    What choices does an ecommerce seller have?

  • When to open multiple warehouses internationally

    Decision making when deciding

  • Case Studies

    Can you share some case studies of ecommerce sellers you have worked with?

  • Tips for Listeners

    Weight versus volume

  • Control your packing material

    Optimize your box

  • Money Saving with Packaging

    Inches can save you thousands

  • Return Policy Terms

    What to look at and liability and what makes

  • Connecting with you

    How can people reach you and your company

  • Any special offers for listeners?

    20 usd voucher for listeners


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Episode Length 36:15

Thank you for sharing Tommaso Tamburnotti – I hope we have some listeners taking action and making moves globally. As an Amazon FBA seller myself now – I also try to think how to diversify. But on calls with clients I also try to say – sure – Amazon is the elephant in the room – but leverage it (Meir tip) and build up your brand – but go to multiple channels – whether that is more marketplaces or totally new countries.

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