Making Sure Your VAT Ducks Are In a Row on Amazon FBA with Claire Taylor – GFAB171

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Are you selling in Europe? I don’t want to ask if you’re selling in UK or Europe – as that is still the same place right? Sorry, I won’t push any more buttons. Welcome everyone to episode 171 of Global From Asia, we have with us today the CEO and founder of SImplyVAT – Claire Taylor. I’m so excited to ahve her on the show – and another cool thing is – she is also a speaker at our upcoming Cross Border Summit! It is her first time to China as well, so I’ll do my best to take extra good care of her on her trip.

When this show goes live, it is literally a few days until the Cross Border Summit, we are working our behinds off on this one, 2 days this year (last year’s was 1) and just tons more to offer. This year, and last year, we had more requests for an online pass -we skipped it last year – but this year we’re investing in this! We will have a few benefits for online ticket holders – streaming in the conference, matchmaking with speakers and attendees, access to the recorded sessions, and added into our live Wechat group exclusive for the event. So we hope this is a good offer for those who can’t make it on the other side of the world for the event – you can get your ticket at

And without further ado, let’s get to the Claire interview.

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Connector.

    Tell our audience a little bit about yourself?

  • Connector.

    Your Business

    When did you start, how you get started, what made you decide to start your own business?

  • Connector.

    Global E-commerce

    How does the popularity of global cross e commerce– rise of amazon etc. shifted your focus & your business?

  • Connector.


    What are the common problems/struggles that global ecommerce owners face when they have to deal with VAT in both the UK and EU

  • Connector.


    Your expertise lies in helping SME and multinational blue-chip companies providing VAT recovery and VAT compliance services

  • Connector.

    Global Clients

    What are the difficulties for you to have global clients in terms of culture and language?

  • Connector.

    Marketing to Global Audiences

    What are the most challenging parts to have global clients in terms of marketing to global audiences?

  • Connector.


    You will be speaking at both the global summit in Hong Kong and also Cross Border Summit here in Shenzhen. Can you tell us some tips in terms of choosing the right conferences to go and building meaningful connections at the event

  • Connector.

    VAT Implications

    What are the VAT implications for “Using Fulfilment By Amazon to Sell into Europe”?

  • Connector.


    What is the best way for our audience to reach you

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Episode Length 27:22

Thank you Claire, I am really excited to meet you at the summit, as well as all the other listeners. Shout out to some of our more active online ticket holders – Marc Abraham and Chris Thomas – you guys are cool people and thanks for supporting the online ticket option and I look forward to chatting to you live from the online streaming! Anyone else – you can tune in live with us = and we’ll let you chat to Claire as well and see her speaking!

That is it – this is the last week I’ll be pushing this Cross border Summit – for a while – but don’t worry already planning 2018’s – have sponsors, speakers, and venue discussions going already. This is a great way to support this podcast, so input, suggestions, feedback, and hate mail is appreciated and noted.

Have a great rest of your week everyone – and wish me luck at the summit, peace!

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