Talk03 from Bangkok

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Greetings from Bangkok – DCBKK conference is starting tomorrow. *** had tech issues with this one! ***** so no recording, Thanks Tommy Griffith and Chris Gormley for joining me on the show. ===== some links we mentioned From apple store! Paypal Can’t Ignore the Chinese E-commerce Market – Integrations grow Braintree, Paypal’s payment gateway, recently enabled UnionPay … Read More

Announcement: Launching a Live Talk Show for Global From Asia

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Want to watch live news about Hong Kong and Asia business? With a fun twist, and interactive guests and chat? Look no further. Been podcasting now for almost three years, and loving it. Was honestly so nervous to put my voice online, then earlier this year started Mike’s blog video blog channel and was nervous about putting my videos online. … Read More

Announcing Our New Hong Kong CPA Directory

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This article will guide you to your first step in making your business easier for YOU! We know you’re traveling around the world, and you don’t have time. Introducing our new Hong Kong CPA directory. Getting matched up with the right service provider will help you keep on top of the business upkeep while also keeping your eye focused on actually doing business!

Some Updates and Future Developments for Global From Asia

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Many people have asked what is the next move for Global From Asia. Approaching 3 years now since we started this podcast, it has gotten quite interesting. We have written a book Hong Kong Supercharged along with a video training program. There are constant messages from people who learn a lot from the podcasts and we couldn’t be happier! We … Read More

Honored to Speak at the Global Sources Smart China Sourcing Summit

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I was asked to speak at the Global sources Smart China Sourcing Summit to discuss about various business structures for your Amazon FBA business. This article is about my topic of Hong Kong business structures.

I was the last speaker on the 3rd and final day of the summit, and I was talking about taxes! So how could I possibly keep everyone awake at the last session on such a dry topic.

Therefore, I worked as hard as I can to add some jokes and case studies, as well as add some wit to the conversation.

We Are A Proper Hong Kong Registered Agent

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The parent company of Global From Asia (Shadstone Limited) is a registered agent. That is, a registered agent with the Company Registry (CR) in Hong Kong. This post will explain what it means to be a HK registered agent, and ways we can help your Hong Kong business – from start to finish!

Shenzhen Party Alliance

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We are excited announce that Global From Asia Team made a cooperation with Shenzhen Party! We made a win-win deal. Learn more about this Shenzhen Party Cross Border Summit Alliance.

New Option for US Citizens

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So I have been getting many emails from my fellow Americans about why our rates here at Global From Asia are higher than the rest of the world citizens. Today I’m going to split it into 2 different ways for US citizens to work with us. Read more about US Citizen options in HK.

Celebrating 100 Podcasts

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Pretty excited to be typing this up – we have reached 100 shows now in Global From Asia! Remember having no clue how to do a podcast when first starting in October 2013.