Post Cross Border Summit Cross Culture Reflections w/ Mea Boykins

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Cross Border Summit – massive success!

Going to Hong Kong now, will be meeting clients for HK banking and company setup as well as speaking at the Global Sources Smart China Sourcing Summit on the benefits of using a HK company for your Amazon business.

So today’s show we have our Cross Border Summit co-organizer Mea Boykins on – we met the next morning after a hyperactive full day conference to chat about how we started working together, how she came over to Asia, some insights on cross culture teams and international business and what she is up to next

Topics Covered in this Episode

  • Intro Mea Boykins

    What have you been working on in the last few months?

  • How It All Started

    How did you get into this Entrepreneurship program?

  • Getting on the Team

    How Mea and Mike met for this Cross Border Summit

  • Cross Border Summit Planning

    Planned for 6 weeks with Mike Wilson

  • Tools we used

    Some of the tools – random calls, emails in the morning. Slack, Asana, We Chat and other social media apps

  • Recap of her speech

    What Mea talked about at the Cross Border Summit, her passions and her accomplishments.

  • First time to China and Asia

    How you came over to Asia

  • Differences in Event Planning

    How this event in China differed from that in America. American way – following the contract. Asian way – means more flexibility

  • Government relations

    China and Hong Kong relationship

  • Successful Event

    Connected with a lot of people

  • What’s next?

    What is Mea doing next for business and life. Working on Brand as a public speaker and consultant. Speaking engagements and a lot more.

  • Travel plans

    Where to for the next week, how many countries?

  • Contacting Mea

    Ways to reach out to Mea and follow her journey

People / Companies / Resources Mentioned in this Episode

Episode Length 22:59

Life is so amazing. From a random email I got from Mea back in Jan. This is what we need to do in life. Take chances, see them through.

and yes cross border summit was a big success. getting so much amazing feedback from attendees and they are excited to come back to next years. Many want more events more often – we’ll see how that goes – but for sure we’ll have another great Cross Border Summt in Shenzhen next April 2017 – if you want to be the first to hear about the dates and announcements you can leave your info on

That’s all this week – keep your pursuit for a global business up high and I wish you all the success in the world.

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