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What Is Cross Border?

While some people think of cross border as the cross border xpress between USA and Mexico – we see it as much more than that.

Many also ask us what is cross border during our annual Cross Border Summit. So we thought it is about time we make a resource page of all things “cross border” – so you can take a deep dive into the subject.

Cross Border Defined

The definition of cross border would be best described as companies doing business together between two different countries. The money, the product, the communication and culture – all happen from 2 different sides of a border.

We also feel it is a fancy way of saying “international business”.

If you are looking for specific service providers listed, check out our cross border business resources page. If you want to use our marketplace to have a secure transaction, check our the GFA market here.

Cross Border E-Commerce

The act of selling something from one country to another via B2C (business to consumer). Many feel this is exclusively Chinese cross-border e-commerce (selling into China by shipping B2C from an overseas country) – the term cross border e-commerce originated once eBay started actively recruiting Chinese sellers on its US marketplace in 2006.

Cross Border E-Commerce is what we talk about a ton here at Global From Asia. Having it purchased in one country and then delivered from another. The lines are getting blurred – especially with Amazon FBA allowing Chinese factories to put their products right in the center of the e-commerce’s warehouse and fulfilled to a US consumer the same as anyone else – cross border e-commerce is fascinating and we have more content added on this topic regularly. Here are a few of our more popular podcasts and blog guides.

Here are some popular blog posts we have on the topic of cross border e-commerce:

China Cross Border E-Commerce

A bit more specific – and commonly called cross-border e-commerce in China – is Chinese cross-border e-commerce. This is the act of selling products from outside of China (warehoused and fulfilled) and shipping them B2C (business to consumer, 1 by 1) into Mainland China.

This is a hot topic because of the tax savings that can be had to the end consumer (they may not have to pay tax upon receiving the goods, or they may have to) – but more on the business side – the company doesn’t need to invest in setting up a Chinese company.

Cross Border Logistics

It is critical to have a good shipping, warehousing, and fulfillment solution to do successful cross border e-commerce.

It is mission critical in e-commerce to have the right logistics in place. Getting your goods from the supplier to your end consumer must be seamless and without hiccups. Global From Asia understands the importance of cross border logistics and regularly interviews service providers in the space. On top of logistics companies, we also want to hear from e-commerce companies themselves on what is happening for their own fulfillment needs. Our readers and listeners loves to know the nitty gritty on cross border warehousing, logistics, and payments and we have a passion to keep a steady flow of knowledge delivered.

These guides give you deep insights on what it takes to ensure you get your goods to customers in a timely and safe way.

Cross Border Payments

Financial institutions are going through massive disruption. But banks love cross-border payments – this is where they can enjoy fees and foreign exchange rate margins much higher than domestic (within the same country) transactions. Global From Asia is passionate about sharing the latest trends and solutions for cross border payments, to keep more money in your pocket both as a business owner and individual.

Cross Border Travel

Cross Border travel! What is the right Passport visa when going to a new country? Can you get a second passport? Where should you have your residency? As your cross border business grows – you as an individual will need to take a more active role on finding the best location for your business and yourself. Start this journey by travel – seeing new countries and experiencing new business opportunities. Here at Global From Asia we have a growing number of guides on crossing borders, enjoy

Taxes and Re-Organization

Once you go cross-border you rarely go back. A big pain point our community faces is how to deal with taxes. Especially with cross border, you have at least 2 countries involved – who should receive the tax income? All governments want as much tax revenue as they can get, but what is the fair amount of tax that they should receive? This is a hot topic in cross border business and governments around the world are reviewing how to adjust to the growing market of cross border business. Global From Asia wants to help you find the latest documents needed and tax trends to ensure you’re following the law, here are some of our most popular topics on cross border tax jurisdiction.

Passports and Residency

Maybe you have been doing cross border travel (mentioned above) and now want to make a long term move. While we at Global From Asia believe everyone from around the world should have the same opportunity, our current borders don’t believe so. So we keep on top of the latest in passports and residency for your growing cross border business.

Should you look into an additional passport? Give up one you already have? How about residency, where should you file as a tax resident? These are all complex and intimate decisions, and we work hard to provide free resources to get that rolling.

Cross Border / Culture Management

Managing a team is hard enough, never mind when it is in various countries around the world. So many different holidays, labor laws, and cultures to balance. Cross border culture and team management is something not discussed enough and we work alongside you in our quest to find great content and interviews to give you the best knowledge in today’s complex cross border business environment.

Want to Leverage Cross Border Business?

Looking to Leverage the Power of a Free Trade Zone? China Cross Border E-commerce? Cross border technology, or consulting services? Whatever the type of business, cross-border has been a hot topic in the China and Asia region of late. Don’t miss out on these massive opportunities – here are some options for you to choose from, all brought together for you on this very page, supplied from the Global From Asia team.

Chinese Company Setup (in Free Trade Zone)

Looking to have someone work alongside you on your own Chinese company setup – inside the free trade zone? We have a VIP service just for you, a full service from start to finish with one of our client service agents.


Cross Border Banking

One of the common confusion points many global businesses have inside China is getting their banking in order. While this is part of our incorporation service above, we do offer this as a service separate for those who already have their business going and looking for a booster pack!

Banking Help

Cross Border Warehousing, Express, and Logistics

A key part of a product based business. Having your products in the FTZ (free trade zone) is a key part of why you’re doing cross border business. Work with our team to get this process started smooth. The getting started and putting the systems in place is a critical part to get right the first time. Learn More.

Logistics Help

Cross Border Summit

Our annual conference for Global From Asia. This is an action packed multi-day conference full of speakers and activities to celebrate the growing trends in cross border business. Focused on e-commerce and import/export, this will be a great experience to have hyper learning and networking in the industry.

Cross Border Summit

Cross Border Business Trips

Want to come and see it for yourself? Take a day out of your busy schedule and see it. We leave from Hong Kong (Or Shenzhen) on a regular basis and take you from doorstep to shipping port. Visit companies,meet service providers, listen to expert speakers, network with others in your shoes in an action packed day.

Cross Border Trips

China Trip

Want to take a trip to China and see manufacturing and markets first hand? Join a group of experts who will show you the ins and outs of Hua Qiang Bei electronics market. Meet us in Hong Kong and we’ll come across the border together in a fully immersive experience.

A great balance of seeing manufacturing and learning in some speaker sessions, this is a great first experience on China manufacturing and business.

China Trip

Cross Border Consulting

Want to talk to a cross border business consultant? Get ahold of our representatives today and we can work alongside you on your specific business case. This is a great option for those at the early stages of deciding if business here is right for them.


System Integrations

Are you looking to integrate shopping carts, logistics services, and/or merchant accounts and banking? To build a scalable and healthy e-commerce business, especially cross-border, is to have the right systems in place. While there are amazing platforms and e-commerce software out there today, making them all work together is quite a challenge. Let our team sit next to you during this process and help integrate it and make a smooth flow.

Coming Soon

Training Packages

Want to learn in a seminar or online? We have multiple presentations you can come to sit in on, at our training venue or from the comfort of your home and office.


Embrace The Growing Cross Border Business World

We’re so happy you have enjoyed this page of our popular cross border business topics. Over the years we have grown to find that this is our territory, this is our passion – cross border!

But actually, we wish all borders could just come down. If you are a hard working and passionate business owner or executive – why should the passport you hold dictate where you can go and what you can do? It should be based on your skill and ability.

Forget all this entitlement. Everyone in the world is equal, and we should all be given the same opportunities. This is Global From Asia’s core mission – and we are disgusted to see more borders being put up and access to knowledge being blocked.

Please support this movement simply by telling your friends about what we are trying to do. Our cross border initiative can hopefully break down these borders and we can be a borderless world. That is the dream.